HuangSusanWelcome to DermBytes.com, an emerging online resource and blog about all things dermatology and skincare.  DermBytes features useful articles about dermatology, the latest dermatology news, and answers common questions about the skin from its readers.

Dr. Huang is a board-certified dermatologist at the Harvard teaching hospital Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and an instructor of Harvard Medical School.

DermBytes was created in 2011 by Dr. Susan J. Huang while a dermatology resident at Harvard Medical School’s Combined Dermatology Residency Program, where she later served as a chief resident. Dr. Huang has a very strong interest in patient education and patient advocacy while combining the latest in social media and information technology to achieve this goal. As a result, DermBytes was created to further provide a useful resource for those interested in learning more and keeping up with the latest developments in dermatology. Dr. Huang has written book chapters, published peer-reviewed articles, and presented at multiple national conferences on issues and topics in dermatology.

For any additional information or media requests Рcontact Dr. Huang on Twitter @dermatologistMD or email info@dermbytes.com

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