Hand eczema tips

Example of hand eczema. courtesy of Wikipedia user Haendels.
October is eczema awareness month — makes sense since the weather starts to get dry around now. I thought it would be appropriate to have a second post on eczema, but this time focusing on hand eczema. Here are some tips tailored specifically for hand eczema.

– Avoid unnecessary hand washing. Limit hand washing the amount of time needed to clean hands and avoid scalding water.
– Avoid fragrances and harsh detergents and other potential allergens.
– Wear gloves when cleaning the dishes, doing handiwork, etc.
– Liquid bandaid or even a superglue can help seal cracks in the skin.
– Keep hands moisturized. After washing, immediately apply an emollient. Thick moisturizing creams are good (hydrated petrolatum, creams made by Cerave, Vanicream, Eucerin, Cetaphil, etc.) Vaseline is also good. Those creams can get expensive though. If you’re looking for something more cost effective, try Crisco. Yes, that thick stuff you use for baking.
– Don’t scratch.
– See a dermatologist who can prescribe you special medications to put on your eczema and recommend certain pills to help calm the itch. Your dermatologist can also assess whether there is any sign of overlying infection.

2 thoughts on “Hand eczema tips

  1. hi ! i had a 1 year old daughter, she use to have dry hands and feet is vaseline effective , i think its not eczema , i only see dead skin pealing on foot and hands! And thanks for this advice about eczema^^ more power!

    1. Does your daughter still have the dry hands and feet? If it is just dryness, vaseline or a thick moisturizing cream would be helpful!

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