Is sclerotherapy right for you?

Tired of unsightly varicose and spider veins? If so, sclerotherapy may be right for you.

What is sclerotherapy? It’s a procedure where a special liquid or solution is injected into the veins you want to get rid of. The injected liquid could be a salt solution or it could be a special detergent. This solution makes the vein shrivel up.

What can I expect? Your doctor will use a small needle to inject the solution. You may feel some stinging, burning or pain with the injection. Afterwards, bandages may be placed over the areas of injection. You should wear compression stockings afterwards if you have them available.

Who can’t get sclerotherapy? If you’re pregnant or nursing, have had blood clots, are bedridden, are tanned, or have a bleeding disorder, sclerotherapy is not right for you.

Are there other options to sclerotherapy? Absolutely. There are lasers that can be used to get rid of certain veins. For larger veins, a surgeon can remove the vein in question. There are also other devices that can heat up a vein from within and cause them to disappear.

What should I do now if I am interested in sclerotherapy? Seek out a physician (dermatologist, vascular surgeon, etc) who does many of these procedures for a consultation.

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