Kids are beautiful. Just the way they are.

As a parent, how do you deal with a cosmetic but non-medical issue in your child?

I’ve been thinking about this issue a little more after seeing several kids this week with vitiligo (a skin condition where white patches appear on the skin) and hemangiomas (usually strawberry colored growths of blood vessels which usually do not cause medical issues).

For kids who are old enough to read reactions to the cosmetic issue or disfigurement, it’s important that we reinforce that our kids are beautiful the way they are — treatment or no treatment. The decision to treat these spots is made out of love and for a desire for the best possible outcome, but an obsession with the skin abnormality can cause kids to feel stigmatized even in their own home.

One of the doctors in our clinic has a nice way of putting it. “Tigers and leopards have spots. Your kid is allowed to have spots too.”

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