Looking for a really good cover-up?

Image courtesy of wikipedia user Calliopejan

I recently checked out an amazing video of Rico Genest (aka Zombie Boy) where his all-over tattoos from the waist up are covered up with Dermablend’s coverup. I do believe that we should all embrace our skin and love it, but there are times when you do want to cover blemishes. Companies like Dermablend make opaque cover-ups in different shades that can be used to cover up tattoos (e.g. for work, weddings, etc.) or to conceal skin conditions (e.g. vitiligo — a disease where pigment of skin is lost, redness, conditions with increased or decreased pigment, etc.). For folks who find themselves on camera, cover-up makeup is useful for hiding blemishes in this HD age. In dermatology, we try to reverse skin diseases but sometimes the outcomes are not 100% and corrective makeup can help fill in the gaps in the cosmetic outcome. So whether it be wedding photos or a job interview, consider opaque makeup if you’re feeling self-conscious about your skin.

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