Acne in pregnancy

Pregnancy changes your body. Makes sense though — you’re providing a home for a growing human being. Your hormones are off their usual balance and this can change your skin!

Many women complain of acne during pregnancy. You might not have had acne before pregnancy and you may be noticing it for the first time. Or, you may note your acne getting worse during pregnancy.

The same basic rules for acne skin care apply:
– Clean your face if it become dirty and soiled.
– Make sure face products are “non-comedogenic.”
– No picking, popping, or squeezing — this leads to scars!

However, the medications that you can use during pregnancy are limited.
– No Accutane (isotretinoin) – a big nono during pregnancy as Accutane can lead to birth defects. On the same vein, no tetinoin, Retin-A, adapalene, or related meds if you’re trying to get pregnant or are pregnant.
– No doxycycline, minocycline, or tetracycline – Again, its use can lead to birth defects.

Medications we often recommend include:
– erythromycin gel, solution or lotion
– sometimes, erythromycin pills are prescribed
– azeleic acid (aka Azelex or Finacea)

Talk to your obstetrician and/or dermatologist about the use of medications in pregnancy. First, do no harm!

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