Sunscreen helps keep your skin young

Bahamas_beachRecently published research shows that diligent use of daily sunscreen helps keep the skin young.  Researchers in Australia followed patients for 4 and a half years.  At the end of that time, they looked at the back of the patients’ hands, assessing for evidence of skin aging by making molds of the back of the patients’ hands.

They found that those who used sunscreen at least 3 to 4 days a week showed less skin aging than those that stuck to their usual habits of sunscreen use.

The researchers also studied whether beta-carotene ingestion by supplementation would make a difference in skin aging. It did not.

So what’s the take home lesson? As dermatologists have encouraged for some time, sun protection and sunscreen use is important for decreasing risk of skin cancer, but also to keep you looking young!  If you need to see a picture to convince yourself, just look at the photo here of a trucker whose left side of the face was exposed to sun while driving.

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