Rash from the hot tub? It may be hot tub folliculitis (Pseudomonas folliculitis).

Now that the weather is slightly more chilly, you may feel inclined to relax in the warmth of your (or your friend’s) hot tub. Some folks might have second thoughts of spending time in the hot tub though because of a rash called hot tub folliculitis (aka Pseudomonas folliculitis). This rash is not limited to exposure to hot tubs though. Bathtubs, water slides, lakes etc. that are contaminated with the Pseudomonas bacteria could lead to this rash too! This rash consists of itchy red spots over follicles that start out flat but can then become raised and contain pus. Often, the areas affected are those under clothing (e.g. swimsuits) or in skin folds (e.g. armpits, upper thigh/groin area). This rash usually appears 12-48 hours after you’ve been in the hot tub (or other contaminated water), but you could develop it hours to days later too. The reason this rash develops is that the Pseudomonas bacteria makes its way into the hair follicles, causing infection and inflammation within the follicle. Now, in general, this rash goes away on its own and you don’t need pills. However, in patients who might not be able to fight off infections well, antibiotics may be needed as this could become a serious infection. Furthermore, proper use of chlorine in hot tubs, pools, water parks etc. could help prevent this pseudomonal/hot tub folliculitis!