Split earlobe? Enlarging pierced ear hole? You can fix it!

Stretched ear piercing.
Stretched ear piercing.

Have your earlobes split?  Or is your pierced ear hole enlarging and you don’t like it?  Or did you purposefully stretch our your ear hole and now regret it?  Not to worry, you can get these issues fixed.

Earlobes can split if you’ve worn heavy earrings for a while, if someone pulls on an earring (ouch!), or if you’ve had an infection or rash around this earring area.  Big earring holes can happen with time from the weight of the earring or with trauma to the area.  If you opted for a larger gauge ear piercing in the past or purposefully stretched out your ear piercing with tunnels or plugs, this can be reversed as well.

So what can you do to fix a split earlobe or enlarged piercing hole?

Arrange for a consultation with a plastic surgeon or dermatologic surgeon who performs earlobe repairs.  These procedures are usually done under local anesthesia and you can go home afterwards.  The surgeon will fix the split earlobe or wide ear hole, cutting out a small part of skin that is affected and reassembling.  You will likely have small stitches after the procedure.  After the repair is completely healed, you can choose whether you want to re-pierce your ears.