What are cosmeceuticals?

You may have seen or heard the term cosmeceuticals on the web, on TV, in your local department store or in beauty product store like Sephora or Ulta.  So what does the term cosmeceuticals refer to?  The word was coined to reflect products that have aspects of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals by Dr. Arthur Kligman. These are products that are applied to the skin, but unlike cosmetics, are meant to do more than to simply mask or color the face.  Unlike pharmaceuticals, these products do NOT need to be FDA approved and thus do not undergo the rigorous testing that the FDA requires to show that they have some biologic effect.  Additionally, they do not need to undergo testing that the FDA requires for drugs.

You’ve probably seen skin care lines that fall under cosmeceuticals; many of these lines were developed with or by physicians.  These products may include anti-aging products, sunscreens, or lightening products.

So now the next time you see the term cosmeceutical, you’ll know what it means!

What is your favorite cosmeceutical product?

Skin care resolutions for the New Year 2012!

For the new year, make a commitment to these five resolutions which can make a huge difference to your skin and to your life!

5. Do you smoke? If so, make efforts to stop by seeking out support groups or your healthcare professional. We all know the risks of smoking and lung cancer but do you know that smoking causes damage to your skin, making it age faster? You may have noticed vertical lines around the lips, wrinkles, poor skin tone, or blotches and stains on your skin. Not to mention, smoking wreaks havoc on the teeth and gums as well. Here are some photos of what smoking can do to your skin.

4. Do you suntan or go to tanning booths? Opt for sunless spray tan instead. The UV rays cause damage to your skin — making it look old and increasing your risk for skin cancer at the same time.

3. On a related note, make a commitment to wearing sunscreen. Prevent sun damage and prevent skin cancer.

2. Get to know your skin with monthly self-skin examinations. You can’t tell what’s changing or not unless you know what your skin looks like to begin with.

1. Do you have a mole or growth that you’re concerned about and have been putting off? See you dermatologist. Catch a skin cancer early not late!

Happy New Year and best wishes for your health in 2012!