‘Tis the Dermatology Interview Season, cont.

The Dermatology Interview Season is firmly underway! 

This can be a very exciting but also stressful time.

Here are some of my personal quicktips for the interview season based on past experience (disclaimer, my past experience was years ago…):

Pre-interview dinners. Helpful to go.  You’ll learn a lot about the program and the personality of residents.  Some programs may ask for feedback from residents or faculty who are present.  Be yourself.  Be nice.  Try to be on time (although winter travel can always be tough to predict!) Look up the restaurant and dress appropriately.

Tips for the interview. It may be helpful to take a look at the frequently asked questions list.  Get a curveball?  Don’t worry — probably meant to see how you think through things or respond.  You’re not expected to know everything or be perfect.  And it’s okay to say, “I don’t know” — that’s true for any situation.

Thank you letters. Rank list is probably already made by the time your letter arrives, but send emails or letters as you see fit; try to put something somewhat personal in there.

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