You might have seen recent press coverage of a scientific article on how eating fruits and vegetables changes the color of your skin and how the change in color leads to perceptions of health.

Carotene is a component of many fruits and veggies, most often mentioned in the context of the carrot (carotene sounds like carrot after all right?) When your levels of carotene are 3-4 times normal, you can get yellow-orange coloring of your skin (carotenoderma)! It’s kinda like a fake bake — but the color’s not quite right (a bad fake bake maybe…)!

In and of itself, this color change of the skin is not harmful if it’s truely only from diet. There are other serious medical illnesses that can essentially mimic this coloration of the skin.

So… I leave it up to you to decide. Check out this link to a New England Journal of Medicine image of a normal hand and a hand with this yellow-orange coloring (carotenoderma). Let me know which skin color you find more attractive!

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